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8 of the Best Mother of the Bride Gifts

8 of the Best Mother of the Bride Gifts

Mother of the bride gifts are essential and require meticulous planning. Think about it – the wedding wouldn’t be possible without her maternal contributions, so it’s certainly nice to express your gratitude!

A woman of such wonder and dedication deserves some of the most thoughtful wedding gifts. This is an amazing opportunity to plan the mother of the bride gifts that will win her blessings. The nagging question is perhaps, what would count as a worthy gift? We’ve narrowed down to eight types of gifts that are certain to leave a favorable impression.

Meaningful Jewelry 

When we refer to jewelry as a mother of the bride gift, we don’t mean the most lavish and sparkly accessory that you can afford (although that works too with the purest intentions). Instead, opt for jewelry that carries significance. Why jewelry you might ask? They’re stunning ornaments that are wearable. This means there is a good chance that they won’t be collecting dust on a random shelf once the wedding is over. When worn, necklaces and bracelets are intimate possessions that represent the strength of a relationship.

Dos: Select engravings and precious stones of personal significance, this could be the birthstone of the mother of the bride, her initials, favorite color, and so on. The more creative and personalized the design, the more valuable the jewelry. It also shows that you’re putting in the extra effort to understand the bride’s mother – which might just win you some favors!

Don’ts: Buy discounted jewelry from a local thrift store (she might just bump into the conspicuous sales signage). Also, avoid overly pricey jewelry. The last thing you want is for the jewelry to cost more than your wedding band. You might send the wrong message and offend the bride! Costume jewelry is also ill-advised as they’re flimsy and made from inferior material, which might leave a bad impression.

A Scrapbook

A picture truly paints a thousand words. A well-organized scrapbook is bound to pull the heartstrings as a gift for the mother of the bride. This mosaic of emotional mementos will symbolize the groom’s journey as a precious addition to her daughter’s life.

Keep the scrapbook neat and presentable (ensure that the adhesives used are holding up, you don’t want pieces falling out). Also, try to keep your visual story coherent and chronological for maximum effect. Remember, the cover is going to determine how well received the scrapbook is going to be. You’ll want the mother of the bride to be impressed at a glance and not raise an eyebrow while thinking, “he brought me this trash?”

Dos: Collect priceless souvenirs over the years – this could be a peeled piece of paint from the bride’s old home, the label of the first wine you ever bought for your in-laws, and of course, lots of meaningful photographs taken with the mother of the bride. These will make your scrapbook priceless and significant.

Don’ts: Add reminders of times that are best forgotten, i.e. an IOU for your home loan – even if this brings a personalized touch. Keep things on the bright side for your big occasion. Also, you want a scrapbook that lasts so avoid low-quality paper.

Trophy / Medal

This is a tricky choice. There are many creative engraving ideas such as “the most wonderful mother to the prettiest girl”. The goal, however, is to avoid a sappy presentation. This can be achieved by paying careful attention to the design.

Dos: Be invested in the design of your trophies and medals. If the mother of the bride has or had a noble career such as being a teacher or crime-fighter, your message could allude to her civil contributions too. Basically, express your gratitude for this amazing woman who mothered the bride.

Don’ts: Use childish fonts (i.e. Clouds caprice typeface or Bottega font), and while you’re at that, avoid flimsy materials as well. You wouldn’t want your trophies and medals looking like they’re taken straight from a carnival or school fair.

A Dummy Parcel

Sometimes, gifts aren’t what they seem. Conceal the intangible with the tangible. You could get tickets for a stage play, ferry ride, cruise, or overseas vacation – the trick lies in the delivery. Then, proceed to store those tickets in a parcel (add some pebbles or something so she’ll be kept guessing). Her expression is going to be gold once she unravels the huge surprise.

Dos: Bond with the mother of the bride and learn more about her interests. Ensure you truly understand the mother of the bride before planning the dummy present – learn about her preferences, her schedule (you don’t want clashes).

Don’ts: restrict the invitation to the mother of the bride. Include other members of the family where applicable, such as the father of the bride or aunt. It might be awkward to single out the mother of the bride for such a personalized gift.

Bespoke Fragrance

Scents are a fascinating choice when in search of a gift. A bespoke fragrance might catch the mother of the bride by surprise. This could be in the form of an aromatherapy essence, perfume or scented candle. What would impress the mother of the bride – is she a fan of woody scents, floral blossoms, perhaps she yearns for the familiar fragrance of the sea near her childhood home?

Dos: Ensure that ingredients are safe and supplied by a trustworthy vendor.

Don’ts: purchase products that might trigger allergies, be mindful!

Personalized Cookbook 

A family that dines together, stays together. If the mother of the bride is a culinary connoisseur who has pampered your taste buds over the years, it is time to repay the favor. Consider coming up with a personalized cookbook that contains recipe variations of her favorite dishes. This gift could be win-win if the mother of the bride decides to prepare the dishes for future family gatherings.

Dos: Select her fave dishes, especially those with deep significance – perhaps the first meal she ever prepared for the bride or something she conjured while she was still making sense of the culinary arts.

Don’ts: Choose dishes that you love but she’s not a fan of. This creates a nasty impression – you don’t want to look like you’re trying to fool her into cooking for you.

A Heartfelt Mug

You may consider taking the concept of a monogram mug and turning it up a notch. Hire a graphic designer to come up with a personalized design- choose her fave color, quotes, essentially anything printable. If the mother of the bride is environmentally conscious, you might consider getting a reusable tumbler instead.

Dos: put your creative juices to excellent use.

Don’t: apply meaningless customization such as altering the shape of the mug handle.

A Painted Portrait 

It doesn’t get classier and more personal than this. Painted portraits were historically commissioned as invaluable gifts for honored personalities. Why not revive a timeless classic by enlisting a modern artist to produce a painted masterpiece for the mother of the bride? Since the portrait is meant to be a surprise (no life portraits here), you’ll need to provide a visual reference – choose wisely!

Dos: Select a flattering or significant image as a reference.

Don’t: Use candid photos or images taken at unsightly angles.

Still Wondering?

It is natural to be at a loss when purchasing a thoughtful gift for someone special- especially when the options seem endless. That is why professional planners such as the ones from Top That Event, are always ready to assist you every step of the way – from organizing your events, right down to selecting the best gifts for your loved ones

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The linens were imperative to the success of both events and I have you to thank for that.– Jessica McTaggart

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