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Our Founder

Our Founder

Todd Lloyd - Michigan's Meetings Events Hall of Fame

Continuing Todd Lloyd’s Legacy

We will never forget the snowy January morning that took our beloved founder, Todd Lloyd. We remember Todd as our leader, our friend, our brother and our hero–he was down to earth, funny, and witty. He was also very driven, passionate and determined. Todd shared his sense of ambition and inspiration with everyone who crossed his path. He was a leader in the event industry nationwide and his legacy continues to echo through us all, that continue to carry out his vision.

Todd’s legacy and how CC&L is moving forward in his foot steps

Todd was known as the Memory Maker. He lived for bringing to life whatever people could imagine for their special day. He wanted his clients to have that one perfect day–that one perfect moment–that one perfect memory. Todd treated his clients the way he treated his friends, with an insistence that they go “all in” and make wonderful memories for themselves. He was always first in line to help, whether it was to cheer on or to instigate fun. Todd was more than just a man in a funny looking cape, he took on the Linen Hero persona and took it to new levels.Photo of Todd LloydTodd ingrained in us those super powers he possessed: to care about, to scheme, to think outside the box with others in ways that extend far beyond what you’d expect of mortal men; and also to engage the imaginations of our clients and to explore possibilities together. When Michigan Meeting + Events magazine presented him with the 2013 Lifetime Achievement Award, he said that his greatest accomplishment was “…surrounding myself with the most creative people on the planet.” Like a true hero, Todd possessed a modesty that prevented him from singing his own praises.

There is no one like him and no one can ever replace him.

Those of us who carry out his legacy at Chair Covers & Linens and TopThat! Event are committed to delivering the same degree of personal care, insight, enthusiasm, creativity, and love of life that Todd taught us all by example. He was amazing and gracious beyond compare and he chose us to live out his dreams by changing lives and making memories.

None of us will be Todd in the flesh, but each of us can be a Memory Maker.

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