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Creating The Perfect Send-Off

Creating The Perfect Send-Off

A wedding send-off is the perfect ending to a perfect day. You’ve had the ceremony of your dreams, the best time at your reception, and now it’s time to leave… Who wants a mediocre exit for a fabulous day? But what do you need to prepare for your send-off? And how will you involve your guests? Will it be “picture-perfect”? Keep reading for all the answers for your epic send-off!


How To Pull It Off


A send-off sounds simple, but there are actually a lot of things to know and prepare prior to your wedding day. Make sure you have everything planned prior, so your send-off goes by without a hitch.


  • Know The Rules
    Check with your venue and the city for any rules or restrictions you may need to be aware of. If your venue or city does not allow things like sparklers or fireworks, you will want to know before so you can plan something else. There is nothing more disappointing than planning your send-off, only to find out that the venue does not allow it.


  • Budget Extra
    If you are loving the Pinterest-worthy send-offs, be prepared to spend extra. Props, extra vendor time, clean-up… it all adds up. Don’t let that scare you. There are plenty of budget friendly options for an epic send off.


  • Inform Your Vendors
    If you are having an epic send-off, you will want your photographer and videographer there to capture the moment. Most photographers and videographers usually do not stay for the entire reception because who needs 6+ hours of dancing coverage? However, if you are planning a grand send-off, you will definitely want to inform your vendors, so they stick around to capture it. As mentioned before, this will cost extra. Be sure to budget for extra hours of photography and videography coverage. You can also get your DJ in on the action, so they can announce the big moment!


  • Be Ready
    When you do your grand exit, make sure you are actually leaving. If you do a special exit, then turn around and go back to the reception… well that is pretty anticlimactic. Have your bridal party help gather an items you’re taking with you. Load the car, mingle with guests, and then do your send-off.


Epic Send-Offs


Your send-off will be one of the many moments that you never forget. Make it yours! Choose something that fits you and your new spouse as a couple. You will also want to consider what your send-off images will look like. 



The classic send-off. Rice is said to be a symbol of prosperity, fertility, and good fortune. Rice is an affordable way to end your night. Customize this send off by personalizing bags of rice with your names and wedding date. You can also get colored rice or keep it simple with white rice.



Sparklers are a classic choice for those night time send-offs. The photos are mesmerizing! Pass out sparklers to guests and have the photographer and newlyweds ready to go before lighting the sparklers. Our tip: be sure to get the longer sparklers, so they stay lit for your entire send-off and the photographer can capture plenty of photos. 


Bubbles or Balloons

Looking for a send-off with minimal clean up? Bubbles or balloons are the answer! Bubble or balloon send-offs look great in photos and are so much fun for guests of all ages. Win-win!


Talk about a grand exit! If your venue allows it, fireworks are the perfect end to your day. Especially if you have an outdoor summer wedding. Fireworks will require much more of a production, as you will need a specialized crew to light them off and lots of space. If you’re having a summer wedding, you may get lucky enough to see some holiday fireworks near your venue! Check with your venue staff to learn about any nearby fireworks shows.

Confetti Poppers

Confetti poppers make your send-off images pop (no pun intended)! Get your guests involved by giving them each a confetti popper. When your photographer is ready, have them count down so your guests begin popping their confetti in time for the perfect send-off photos! 


Glow Sticks or LED Lightsticks

Glow Sticks will end the night on a bright note! Glow Sticks photograph well, without being in the way or blocking the newlyweds. LED light sticks are a level up from glow sticks. LED light sticks can be handed out during the reception, so guests can have fun at the party. When it is time for the send-off, have guests grab their light stick and gather outside. 



Streamer cannons are a fun, minimal mess send-off. Metallic streamers are a great option that does not stain the floor or leave anyone stuck there for clean up. Streamers are also easily found in a variety of colors, so you can choose streamers that match the colors of your weddings. 


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