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Follow this 10 Step Event Planning Checklist for a Killer Event 

Follow this 10 Step Event Planning Checklist for a Killer Event 

Event planning is not for the faint of heart – in fact, it could be pure chaos. The success of an event hinges upon many minute details that need to be meticulously set in place by the organizer – and it is really easy to miss some crucial steps. We’re here, to sum up, the 10 necessary steps required in creating a killer event.

Set a Budget 

The budget is going to be your compass. You should decide how much you’re willing to spend on your event way in advance. This gives you enough time to save some money (if required) while sorting out a practical checklist. Always seek a second opinion when setting a budget. It is easy to get lost in details or fall into the trap of impulse shopping. So, keep your account trim and eliminate any redundancy that doesn’t add value to the event.

Also, be sure to set aside a contingency sum because there are many unexpected costs in event preparation. Some of these include special delivery charges, corkage, meal add-ons, event staff overtime, etc.

One useful thought exercise is to pretend you’re a guest at your event. Ask some questions, be your own harshest critic. What kind of decor would capture your attention? Would a band be appropriate? What are the color themes that are most suitable for the occasion? Keep asking questions and share the process with a friend or partner to gain multiple perspectives.

Prepare a Checklist

This step is closely worked around your budget. You can simplify the checklist process by breaking it down into two parts. The first part is all about free association. Sit down and brainstorm (preferably with a co-organizer) on the various things that need to be done for your event – this includes the items you require and the people to hire. Pen down every thought that comes into your mind.

Once you’re done with the checklist, it is time for phase two – prioritize. Here, you’ve got to consult your budget and arrange the checklist items in descending order – from most important to least wanted.

The notepad found in the Apple IOS provides a built-in checkbox feature that is ideal for creating a digital checklist. Android users can benefit from the Native Android App CheckList created by Ukrainian developer, Mobilunity,

Set your Guestlist

An event ceases to be without its attendees. Decide who you’re going to invite for your event and send the relevant invites to have them RSVP. These days, it might be more practical to extend virtual invitations rather than snail mail letters. Facebook Events is one convenient way to manage your guest list. When all else fails, approach via various social media outlets.

Decide between DIY or an Events Company

Now that you’ve got the checklist, people and budget settled, it is time to decide how you’re going to execute the event. You could choose to hold the event on your own or outsource the planning to an events company. This depends on a few factors. Firstly, how confident are you? Do you have the resources and contacts to create the event of your dreams? Secondly, do you have the time to oversee the event preparations? This may prove to be a challenge if you’re on a tight deadline.

There are pros and cons to each route.

DIY events grant you all the creative freedom you want. But you’re all alone, which could prove highly stressful if you can’t cope with the pressure. On the other hand, an events company provides you with a peace of mind by managing each facet of your event. Also, events companies may provide affordable packages according to your budget. However, this might come at the cost of restricted creative control. Additionally, event companies may have long-standing contracts with their own curated selection of vendors, which means you may not get the chance to choose your fave people for the job.

Research on a Venue

Where will you be conducting your event? Will it be an indoor or outdoor affair? It is important to iron out the details before settling for a specific location. If you’re having your event at a hotel or restaurant, check for seasonal pricing that can differ greatly from off-peak periods. Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve and Christmas are some occasions that are likely to bear a surcharge.

If you’re intending to hold your event at a historical site, national park or any other public landmark, ensure you’ve got the right permission from the respective authorities. Most often than not, you’ll need a permit to run your private event. If you’re working with an event company, they can help you with the logistics.

Perform a Site Visit

Always head down to your selected venue before deciding upon it. Regardless of the number of reviews you’ve read or pictures you’ve seen, it is important to experience the place for yourself. Get a view of the layout to form a better understanding of how you’d like to get your decor done Ask questions. Are there pillars that obstruct the stage area? Is the ceiling high enough for a balloon drop? For hotels and restaurants, there are ways to get a taste of multiple dishes by arranging for a sampler with management. This additional step allows you to decide the best cuisine for your guests.

Reach out to the Vendors

This step includes any performers or event servers you’d like to hire on the day of the event. Event companies will help you handle this process if you decided on outsourcing the preparations. It is important to conduct thorough research on the market rates for vendors and doing a side-by-side comparison of their services to ensure that you’re paying an acceptable price. Customer reviews are also necessary in this process to guide you in the right direction.



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Congratulations, you’re nearly ready to amaze with your event. But before that, it’s best to mark a date on your calendar where you could conduct a mockup of the event. This is the chance to preview the band, rehearse your movements and basically check if everything falls into place perfectly before you give the green light for the actual event

Enjoy the Event

It is finally time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Have a wonderful time, savor every minute and remember to check in with each guest to ensure that they’re having a blast too! There are few things more satisfying than watching a well-planned event play out just the way you wanted it.

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They completely transformed the room to give it the elegant feel we wanted.– Sarah & Joel Kirsch

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