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Linen Hero VS BBJ Linen Table Linens

Linen Hero VS BBJ Linen Table Linens

Shown: Dusty Rose Classic Linen w/ White Florentine Lace Runner, Blush Eden

A great event requires meticulous planning. Alexander Graham Bell once said, “before anything else, preparation is the key to success.” Decor is one aspect of event preparation that can never be emphasized enough. Thankfully, there are some wonderful professionals out there who’re there to make the preparation process a breeze. We’re going to have a closer look at two of them, Linen Hero and BBJ Linen, and see how they stack up.

After all, it can be unnerving to seek out the most suitable decorations that bring out the best in your events. A wrong turn might cause a garish nightmare. Think about it – you’ve got to ensure colors, materials, shapes and measurements all fit an underlying theme, time to call in the experts!

BBJ Linen

BBJ linen is a company that provides a wide selection of event decor that will spruce up your spaces. The BBJ Linen collection includes chair covers, napkins, table runners and linen that come in different colors, shapes and dimensions.

Additionally, BBJ Linen collaborates with independent designers in their Designer Series of products known for lavish and unique artwork. Some of the more popular selections from this range include Vita Toscana by David Caruso, a style redolent of those found in an quaint Italian countryside, and the Gold Kroft collection, which pays homage to the glitz and glamor of the roaring 20s.

The rental process is fuss-free. Customers may view a showcase of inspirational designs from the official webpage or arrange for a visit to the nearest BBJ Linen showroom. Alternatively, customers may request a swatch of their desired fabric for a sample of what to expect.

Shown: Ash Velvet Table Linen, Mocha Heidelberg Table Linen

Linen Hero

Linen Hero is a company with an ongoing mission to provide quality table linen, table runners, chair covers, napkins, pillows, and other decor fixtures for every event. The company was formed with the vision of replacing in-house linen and chair covers that were found in poor shape or proved unsuitable for the occasion. Linen Hero changed all that by providing a colorful selection of decor for event organizers who were intent on leaving the best impression on their guests.

The innovative brand continues to produce interesting patterns and designs that will enliven any space. An online gallery of past works serves as a blazing testament to the creative playground that Linen Hero offers to its customers, in realizing ideal concepts with affordable products. Customers may access the Linen Hero gallery to fuel their inspiration and work those creative juices for an upcoming event.

Event arrangements are made effortless with Linen Hero. Customers may head straight to the official website, view the Linen Hero collection (which is conveniently categorized according to color) and schedule the products for their upcoming events.

BBJ Linen Vs Linen Hero

While both companies are experienced at beautifying your events with a stunning collection of quality designs, there are some slight differences to consider.


BBJ linen provides luxurious and customized designs that are bound to catch the attention of event guests. However, these products are mostly available at a steep price. The more affordable BBJ Linen designs are usually of the plain and non-patterned variety, which might not provide much room for creative application.

On the other hand, Linen Hero offers a vast (and ever expanding) collection of products that are affordable across the board and yes, they come in a wide assortment of hues, dimensions and patterns that will complement the theme of your event without costing a fortune. Additionally, as a smaller boutique provider, Linen Hero is able to operate without many of the additional costs associated with major retailers. To which, Linen Hero is dedicated to passing these savings on to our clients.

Shown: White Deco Table Linen

Curation Vs Creation

Perhaps the biggest difference between the brands lies in the approach to event design. BBJ Linen may offer special customization services but a bulk of its collection is carefully curated by designers through specific moods and themes. Linen Hero provides customers with an open license of creativity to mix and match as they please! Rather than pushing for an exquisite and costly design, we’re always here to encourage creativity in our clients in seeking the prettiest styles that fit their events (and budget) like a glove.

Linen Hero is more than a transaction, it’s an experience.

Our dedicated sales team is well-versed within the planning and event management departments. Each sales representative is trained to offer expert advice on design elements toward achieving your desired requirements.

We’re here to help realize the stunning layout based on your vision. And to ensure that there is a piece for everyone, we’re constantly adding to the collection! The Velvet Rose and Marilyn Gold designs are some of the most popular items that have transformed countless drab halls into dreamlike scenes. Your event could be the next head-turning attraction!

Linen Hero is the expert source of table linens, runners, chair covers, napkins, sashes, pillows, and much more to make your events extraordinary through unlimited possibilities.

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