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Preparing for your Springtime Wedding – The Best Time for an Outdoor Affair!

Preparing for your Springtime Wedding – The Best Time for an Outdoor Affair!

Weddings are momentous events – pair them with the vitality of springtime and you’ll get a truly vibrant and magical affair. Springtime is a popular season positively brimming with life. Birds will be chirping, otters will be building their makeshift dams, children will be frolicking in the playground without a care in the world. And of course, it is also the perfect time to tie the knot in an outdoor ceremony! Why not? The weather is balmy, no dreading over stuffy layered wardrobes, and the natural atmosphere is gorgeous beyond words almost like a Disney cartoon.

Choosing Your Springtime Wedding Gown

The wedding gown is a huge part of the ceremony. Brides have the chance to look their prettiest. Springtime helps since it’s perfect for brides who wish to flaunt their figures with wedding gowns that go easy on fabric. Springtime isn’t as stifling as summer while safe from the biting frost of winter, making it the perfect time to don a gown that accentuates all the right places.

Choosing a lightweight and flowy springtime wedding gown will help brides pose for their wedding photos (for hours) without breaking a sweat. Springtime wedding gown fabric will facilitate the grand waltz down the aisle eliminating puffy material.


A popular choice among wedding gown fabric. Organza is a thin and plain weave available in a wide assortment of colors. The fabric is usually manufactured from a combination of filament fibers such as polyester and nylon. Organza wedding gowns are constantly customized in innovative ways by bridal designers who are looking to create a wispy and elegant style. Due to its translucency, organza is sometimes used as an accessory to wedding gowns. The material is stiff and crumples easily so brides should be gentle with the fabric at all times.

Organza is available in several variants, such as sparkly organza, which features a shimmering surface (as seen in Disney’s Cinderella’s ballroom gown), and silk organza, a delicate form that is put together through specialized milling techniques.


Another lightweight springtime gown fabric. The France-originated fabric features dual layers produced through a unique weaving method. This results in a reflective smooth sheen on the outside and a dull matte finish on the inside. Charmeuse is a body-flattering fabric that flows effortlessly along the natural curves of the bride. Additionally, being non-sweat absorbent (unlike cotton and polyester), Charmeuse is gentle on the skin and comfortable to wear for hours.


A soft and lightweight material that often found in form-fitting wedding gowns. Crepe is manufactured from a yarn technique known as hard-twisting, which results in a body-hugging fit. However, brides should be careful when handling crepe gowns as the fabric may be susceptible to wear and tear due to the nature of its manufacturing process.


Understanding the Springtime Wedding Color Scheme

Springtime is the season where pretty flowers such as the tulip and bluebell bloom for everyone to see. Verdant lawns will be sprinkled with enchanting flora bound to draw attention. If you’re planning on an outdoor springtime wedding (which we highly recommend!), it might be a good idea to pick a wedding color theme that complements springtime hues for dramatic effect.

Bright Purple

A fetching color that traditionally represents independence, devotion, and dignity. Bright purple table runners can glamorize an outdoor dining experience as your guests partake in their scrumptious meal. Vases with bright purple floral arrangements will add the perfect finishing touches to your overall layout.


A cool hybrid color that fuses zesty orange with girly pink. Coral has become a celebrated staple for springtime venues and outfits. The bold hue is certainly a welcome change to pale pastel tones, which are synonymous with springtime. A variation called coral pink contains a greater tinge of pink and yellow accents. An arrangement of coral-padded seats for your springtime wedding reception could electrify the mood of your venue.

Pastel Hues

Springtime celebrations are incomplete without pastel(a pale family of colors that include lighter forms of pink, red, green and blue) selections. They’re gentle on the eyes while effective at creating a warm and inviting layout. Pink and peach are some of the most popular pastel hues for a springtime wedding. You can instantly transform a mundane outdoor space into a whimsical scene from a fairy tale with the right combination of pastel decors.

Pastel hues work well with soft furnishings like chair covers and pillows since they create a comfy ambiance that promotes love, joy, and harmony.


Selecting the Ideal Springtime Wedding Location 

Springtime offers brilliant natural locations that are ideal for your big day. An outdoor wedding affair will enliven the ambiance (and your outfits) with springtime hues and provide perfect lighting for flawless wedding photos.

Here are our top favorites:

Vineyards – Wine, song, and dance pretty much sums up the appeal of this classic springtime wedding venue. You should speak to the vineyard owner to learn more about available wine options (i.e. type of grape and year of harvest). Ask for the house wine – they’re special preparations that are sure to impress your guests.

Lakes – Serene cisterns known for their charming beauty. Lakes are popular spots for springtime wedding photography thanks to their picturesque reflection of the surrounding landscape.

Clearing in the Woods – Remember to scout the area before you give it a go (beware of critters and campers). There are few things less magical than walking down the aisle amidst a vista of trees as the springtime zephyr passes through your hair. This is certainly a setting for a fabled wedding.

Garden – Another timeless classic. Springtime weddings in the garden are fun, casual and delectable. Consider choosing a garden populated with popular springtime blossoms that will enhance your wedding venue. In light of the mood, brides may go for flower-inspired wedding gowns while grooming don fanciful bowties with floral patterns.

Choosing the Ideal Springtime Wedding Decor

Lastly, the addition of striking decors will help couples embrace the springtime mood. These may range from breathtaking floral arches to quaint garden swings and table overlays to give your furniture a nice finishing touch.

Springtime is truly a joyful period with infinite ideas for an awe-inspiring wedding. Are you ready to say “I Do” with dewy days as winter surrenders to the season of blooms?

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