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Wedding Rehearsal Dinner: The Quintessential Checklist

Wedding Rehearsal Dinner: The Quintessential Checklist

A wedding is a fabulous affair where two souls are romantically united. It is also an event that requires meticulous preparation. The wedding rehearsal dinner is one particular aspect of your big day that demands great attention to detail. Thankfully, with Linen Hero’s quintessential checklist, you won’t be scrambling over last-minute changes or omissions.

Seating Arrangements 

Once you’ve delivered your RSVP invitations, it’s time to get busy with the sitting arrangements. Although in an ideal world, you’d love for every guest to mingle but this is rarely possible. So as a result, you’ve got good old uncle John with the glass eye sitting with his favorite nephew and your in-laws at the same table as your parents.

It looks all fine and dandy on paper, but things are trickier in real-life. During the wedding rehearsal dinner, scan the ballroom venue and observe how the seats are arranged. Maneuvering a wheelchair across the dance floor to reach an entrance is going to cause some frowns. You should prioritize mobility-challenged guests for tables situated close to the washrooms or exit, to grant them easier access.

Also, some guests may be fussier than others. Check who will be sitting at the table closest to the stage speakers (guests may complain of the “noise”). The same applies to tables situated near the waiting stations as guests might be irked by the sight of dirty plates and cutlery.

Familiarizing Routes

The wedded couple will be on their feet throughout the dinner: from the grand arrival, to slicing the wedding cake, popping the champagne, table-hopping for toasts and more. It is important to familiarize yourself with every step to avoid awkward moments during dinner.

The wedding rehearsal dinner is also a good time to plan your toasts, specifically the order of the tables you’re “touring” after the couple address. Newlyweds usually begin with VIP tables before greeting relatives, friends, colleagues and so on.

But this isn’t always a straightforward process. Wedding venues have varying set-ups, with different floor plans and structural features such as pillars to consider. To make things easier, place conspicuous number stands on each table as a reference.

The Entertainment 

Aside from the speeches (which are entertaining on their own), couples need to prepare the rest of the program during the wedding rehearsal dinner. Sure, some guests are solely there for food and well-wishing, but it doesn’t hurt to go the extra mile to provide some extra entertainment.

Photo booths & Other Fun Stations 

Photo Booths are wonderful for immortalizing fun and quirky pictures with your guests. Props such as signs, balloons, and Groucho masks are perfect for wackier expressions. Alternatively, you may consider lawn games such as croquet or Twister (for more spontaneous folks) for outdoor functions. Try picturing the placement of these attractions during the wedding rehearsal dinner.

Music Matters

Music is a universal language that connects everyone. Plan your music at the wedding rehearsal dinner. A good playlist will emphasize the romantic ambiance of the dinner.

Pachelbel’s Canon in D, “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri and a cover of Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love” from the Crazy Rich Asians movie are some good music options. Most importantly, select tunes that represent a unique relationship with your partner.

You’ll also need to choose the songs for the dance floor. This can be arranged with ballroom staff or your external vendor (i.e. DJ and emcee) and ensure that musical equipment is in working order. The wedding rehearsal dinner helps to avoid technical faults on your big day.

The Dance Floor

The wedding rehearsal dinner is also a chance to set the dance floor. Will you be employing a DJ or hiring a live band? The latter is a popular choice for greater audience interaction such as personal song requests.

Before hiring a live band, be sure to attend some of their gigs for a quality check. Also, seek online reviews and ratings to find out what others have said about the band. This will give you a clearer idea of what to expect on the day of the performance.

And of course, you’ve got to prepare for that First Dance.

This is a highlight of the evening. The first dance represents the love and bond shared by the newlyweds, so rehearse well at all costs. You could try perfecting your moves at the wedding rehearsal dinner!

Food Quality

Most guests are going to attend the event with empty stomachs and half-expecting a feast. So, it is best not to disappoint! It might also be a good idea to serve some finger food and aperitifs to keep your guests satiated as they await the main course.

Before committing to a venue, couples may arrange for a food-tasting session during the wedding rehearsal dinner Ask for a sampler (a platter with small portions of assorted dishes). This way, you’ll be able to experience the menu and select the tastiest options for your guests.

Before a wedding rehearsal dinner, consult a sommelier and do some tasting before settling for a beverage worthy of your big occasion.


There are countless themes to choose from when it comes down to sprucing up your venue. You’ve got to determine the hues, the fabric, shapes of your decor. See how they come together during the wedding rehearsal dinner!

Wedding Arches 

These floral frames symbolize portals to married life. Flowers for the framework should complement the overall style of your dinner theme. As a quick guide: red roses represent deep devotion, purple lilacs represent passionate love, while cream-colored tulips are synonymous with loyalty and commitment – two winning traits in a marriage.

Table Centerpieces

Centerpieces may range from elaborate floral arrangements to simple vases. Ensure that these ornaments do not hinder the serving of food or obstruct the view of the main stage.

Table Designs 

Linens, runners and overlays can embellish your tables. Table designs will leave a major impression since guests will be seated for most of the event. Linen Hero offers a comprehensive range of products to suit your dinner theme.

Recently released designs such as the Burgundy Asphalt Table Linen and Nude RattleSnake Table Runner are just two of the many bedazzling options that will add style & quality to your table layouts.

With a solid wedding rehearsal dinner and preparation, the actual dinner is going to be the icing on the cake of a life-changing event.

Linen Hero is the expert source of table linens, runners, chair covers, napkins, sashes, pillows, and much more to make your events extraordinary through unlimited possibilities.

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