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What They Don’t Tell You About Wedding Planning

What They Don’t Tell You About Wedding Planning

So you’re engaged, congrats! Wedding planning is something you can’t truly understand until you’ve done it. You’re probably excited, overwhelmed, happy, stressed… all valid feelings. You probably already know that wedding planning is going to be one of the most exciting times of your lives. But, it is not all cake tasting and sparkly centerpieces. It will be stressful and you will probably have a break down at least once. As wedding photographers, we’ve experienced a wedding or two (or thousands). We’re here to tell you what others don’t tell you about wedding planning, so you’ll be as prepared as possible. 


Planning A Wedding Is A Job

Despite your style, theme, or budget, planning a wedding is real work. From venue, to centerpieces, to attire, there are decisions to be made, that ultimately you must make. So if you’re choosing to have a “casual” or “lowkey” wedding because you think that means less decisions, unfortunately you’re wrong. Planning a wedding is basically a full time job, so make decisions based off what you love, not what you think will save you time or headaches. 


Decor Styles Are Subjective

You might know exactly what “modern bohemian chic” means, but not everyone does. And if they do, they might envision something completely different. When communicating your vision to vendors, try to be as specific as possible. Bonus points if you have images to back it up — hello Pinterest! This ensures that everyone is on the same page, and no surprises occur on the day of your wedding.

Your Closest Circle Doesn’t Care About Every Detail

We know you’re guilty of sharing all the details of your wedding planning process with your closest circle. You’re excited, so obviously you want to share! Your mom and your bestie are so happy for you, but they probably don’t want to hear another word about your centerpieces or bouquet options. Try to share a few small details with more people. Your extended friend group would probably love to hear a few details, rather than putting all the weight on just a few people. This helps prevent your bestie from getting burnt out, and also prevents your extended friend group from feeling alienated. 


You’re Going To Cry About Something Small

Tablecloths not available in the perfect shade? Your dream flowers out of season? Your fiance doesn’t seem as interested in the font choices for your invitations? Can’t decide between one photographer or two? Something will happen that makes your burst into tears. Just embrace it. We promise you, your wedding and marriage are not doomed because of tablecloths or out of season florals. Let the break down happen, then realize it can only go up from here.


Unexpected Costs WILL Happen

Plan for wiggle room in your budget. Something will happen. Whether it is a last minute venue change because of weather, alterations you didn’t plan for, or a postage expense that you really underestimated. These things happen, and they are not fun. If you budget for these unexpected costs in the beginning, you will be much more prepared when they do happen.


EVERYONE Has An Opinion

A co-worker telling you a horror story about their summer wedding? Your fiances’ mom not loving the dress? Your distant relative complaining about the entrée options? Your grandma encouraging you to expand your guest list? It seems like everyone has an opinion about your wedding day. It’s your day, so stick to what you know is best for you and your fiance. Take advice and opinions with a grain of salt. Do not make any decisions that don’t make you happy, it is your day after all.


It Is Stressful, But You Wouldn’t Change A Thing

It will all pay off when you’re walking down the aisle to your future spouse. All of the decisions you’re making when wedding planning will come together for the most magical day. This is only the beginning, so enjoy it!

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It was a pleasure doing business with your company. You made everything so simple for us and the venue just looked lovely.– Ann Stailey

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